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Nobutaka Yamaoka

卒業後、劇映画のポストプロダクション業務に携わり、’93年に16ミリ処女長編映画「PICKLED PUNK」を製作。

これまでの作品に、「PICKLED PUNK」(93), 「Zeki, Florian and Kelly!」(’97), 「M.O.M pp」「Methods of mayhem」(’97),「Lovely lovely beautiful world!」(’97), 「PIG’S INFERNO」(’00) ,「ソラノ」(05) ,「天然性侵略と模造愛」(05),「死なない子供、荒川修作」(11)などがある。現在、3D長編映画「センチメンタル」を制作中。

The Director’s Profile

Nobu Yamaoka

「Zeki, Florian and Kelly!」(’96), 「Methods of mayhem PP」(’97),「Lovely lovely beautiful world!」(’97), 「PIG’S INFERNO」(’00)
He was born in Osaka in 1965, and graduated from the Engineering Department of Doshisha University.
He engaged in music and theater work while in college. After graduation, he got involved in the post production work of story films,
and produced his first work, a 16 millimeter feature film called “PICKLED PUNK” in 1993.
It was awarded the Jury’s Special Award at the Pia Film Festival and was invited to be screened at many other film festivals
such as the Berlin Film Festival.
He has continued to release his works regularly while sticking to the style of carrying out all aspects of film creation on his own.
His broad involvement in the movie and video business includes purchasing foreign films, planning and developing DVD products, producing TV programs and game software.

His past works include “Zeki, Florian and Kelly!”(1996), “Methods of mayhem PP”(1997),
“Lovely lovely beatirul world!”(1997) and “PIG’S INFERNO”(2000).