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監督・脚本・撮影・編集・音楽 : 山岡信貴
音楽 : プリン爆発プリン
出演 : 川島充顕/町田知子/城山明英/田中信也



The origin of the crazy image world of Nobutaka Yamaoka, analyzing the true nature of the modern murder

A film invited to the Berlin International Film Festival,
The Hong Long International Film Festival,
The Stockholm International Film Festival,
The Austrian Biennale, etc.

1993 / Color / 82 minutes Directed, screenplay, filming, edited and music by Nobutaka Yamaoka Music by Pudding Bakuhatsu Pudding Starring Jyuken Kawashima, Tomoko Machida, Akihide Shiroyama and Shinya Tanaka

[Description of the film]

This is the first feature film by Nobutaka Yamaoka that was awarded the jury’s special award at 1993 Pia Film Festival with the strong recommendation by Kiyoshi Kurosawa despite enraging Yasutaka Tsutsui. This is a magical film, which takes viewers into a peculiar inner space by its exciting images and a soundtrack with a bizarre tempo that never synchronizes with the images. While the poetic story analyzing the destructive behaviors caused by the extreme self-consciousness is shocking, the outrageous methodology, which seems to try to reconstruct the whole film-making method, holds the timeless destructive power. This is a very controversial film of philosophical abstrusity, which brought on active debates over its merits at each occasion despite being invited to various film festivals around the world, including the Berlin Film Festival.

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